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Flat Roof to Pitch Roof Conversions

Flat roofs- used to be an economic way in days gone by of providing a quick and easy answer to a roofing solution. Usually, flatroofs are used when pitched roofs cannot be. What must be watched out for is water infiltration when it is not regularly maintained and routinely repaired for damages. 

Short Term Repairs
In the past, patching up with temporary repairs are all that have been economically possible but in the longer term that form of approach can be more expensive than replacing the roof. It is well known that flat roofs have not performed satisfactorily over a period of time - less than 10 years in some instances - have been well documented but regrettably the proven advantages technically and aesthetically, of the pitched roof, were left in favour of the economical approach.


flat roof to pitch roof conversions Leeds flat roof to pitch roof conversions Leeds flat roof to pitch roof conversions Leeds

Flat roof leaks can be a devil to locate. The reason is that water can enter one spot and not really express itself inside until it is far away from the leak.

Flat roofs allow the leak to travel in any direction from the leak point. That is why they are tough to locate.......

Leaking Flat Roof, Flat Roof to Pitch Roof Conversions Leeds

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Alternatively if you would like to get rid of the problems that can be associated with a flat roof why not search our directory for roofers and roofing contractors who can convert your flat roof into a pitched roof. A flat roof to pitch roof conversion can also have the benefit of extra storage space especially when applied to such buildings as a garage - ideal for hooking the kids bicycles up and out of the way.

Don't wait until it is too late or until the weather takes a turn for the worse and you discover water dripping in through the ceiling. let the competent roofers from our directory rid you of the problems that can occur with flat roofs and replace it with a new pitched roof that won't break the bank.

flat roof to pitch roof conversions Leeds