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The Main purpose of guttering is to effectively take the rain water from the roof to a downpipe which, in turn takes it down to ground level and then into the drainage/sewer system. This system helps to stop the walls of your house becoming saturated and causing problems with dampness.


There are several different types of guttering, some old houses have cast iron gutters and downpipes. They will last a long time if kept well & painted regularly.

Leeds Roof Fixers, cast iron gutter   Leeds Roof Fixers, cast iron gutter   Leeds Roof Fixers, cast iron gutter

Modern plastic guttering materials are used in place of cast iron today. uPVC gutters are made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and do not require painting. Half round or square guttering and fittings are available. Square gutters have a greater capacity for carrying water than the half-round type. 

Leeds Roof Fixers, Half Round Gutter Leeds Roof Fixers, Half Round Gutter T connection Leeds Roof Fixers, Half Square Gutter T connection Leeds Roof Fixers, Plastic Downpipe Guttering

Seamless guttering, is an alternative to plastic which doesn't have the problems or fading or leakage (if not fitted correctly). Sheet aluminium is pressed, in the back of a van, on a pressing machine which can simply churn out miles of the stuff depending on the length needed.

 Leeds Roof Fixers, Gutters Seamless    Leeds Roof Fixers, Seamless Guttering   Leeds Roof Fixers, Seamless Guttering Diagram

Pressed steel gutters are lighter and stronger than cast iron ones. They usually come galvanised or primed ready for painting.

It is important to replace any guttering with a type and size initially installed on the house when it was built as it's size would have been calculated by the Architect designing the house or building to cope with the average rainfall for your particular area. Choosing a smaller size could result in overflowing water and damage in times of heavy rainfall. 

Leeds Roof Fixers, Gutter Slope    Leeds Roof Fixers, Guttering Slope    Leeds Roof Fixers, guttering slope

It is also very important that the installation of guttering on homes with a low pitch roof is installed correctly. Due to the capillary action of on the underside of the tile or slate water will suck back up the underneath of the end roof tiles or slates and run down the facsia board and behind the gutter - causing damage over time.


Most domestic rainwater installations use 100mm (4 inch) gutter widths and 62.5mm (2½ inch) downpipes. There should be a slight slope on the guttering 1"- 2" over 40ft leading to the downpipes.  Or a fall of 1" to each 10ft length of guttering.

Leeds Roof Fixers, Gutter Clutter     Leeds Roof Fixers, Gutter Clutter

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Above are different types of gutter protectors