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If lead work is to be properly fitted it is essential to to follow certain rules of good practice. Some of the common causes of failure are due to oversizing often coupled with overfixing.

Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work

In recent years, lead sheet introduced for the roofing within the UK  is mainly manufactured by the continuous cast method.

Lead sheet, one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials, it has been known to last for hundreds of years. Anyone carrying out this type of work should have a good understanding of the most common faults and be able to make a recommendation for the appropriate action to remedy the situation.

General Rule:

If lead roofing, cladding or flashings is generally in good condition maybe just a few splits or tears, it's probably worthwhile to carry out appropriate repairs. More serious damage and failures will require careful consideration to the renewal of the leadwork. Before beginning any repair or renewal work, check the following: 

  • Are the fixings poorly located restricting movement.
  • Inadquate fixings or worn.
  • Serious Tears, Cracks or Ripples.
  • Unsuitable bedding, Underlay or decayed Underlays.
  • Corrosion signs on the front or back of the Lead.

The usual signs of corrosion from condensation are white streaks running out from under lap joints (not to be confused with run-off stains), and a white powder forming under the lead.

Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work   Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work    Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work

Making the decision to renew or repair a ridge, valley gutter lining or any other which, may be in a fair condition and on its own worth repairing to extend life by another ten to fifteen years is ok. But if the adjacent slated or tiled areas are to be renewed, the relatively low cost of re-laying the lead gutters would be well worth accepting.


We do not recommend the use of sealing tapes because repair tapes don't last.

Flashings and weatherings need to be securely fixed, high winds can show up many weaknesses in fixing details. Cover flashings should be wedged into brick or stone walls with lead wedges. Step flashings should be fixed with a wedge to each step. Fixing clips should be used for all free edges of lead. 

Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work

Lead is a reliable material. In the hands of a person trained and experienced in working with it. It can enhance the look of a building and keep it dry for many years. 


Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work   Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work   Leeds Roofing Contractors Lead Work

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