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Loft Conversions

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Why not use that usless attic/loft space? Have a fanistic loft conversion carried out by the highly skilled craftsmen listed in our directory.
Create a new room.
Develop unused space.
You'll be delighted with a new loft conversion.

We can turn your ideas into a reality?

From start-to-finish our directory of experienced roofers and loft conversion specialist can inform and guide you through the conversion process; from initial survey, ideas, designs, plans and approvals; to the finished loft conversion itself.

Experienced Professionals

With a good selection of professional, skilled and experience tradesmens in our directory who can guide you through the loft conversion process and ensure your home remains the structurally sound and safe a place it currently is, but only larger.

Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofers lofts Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofer Dormas Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofers Dormas

As local planning controls often require planning permission applications for such a task to be carried out, make sure you check this out first before going ahead with such a project.

Guarantee & Quality

Make sure all work is guaranteed by your prospective tradesman and always make sure they are a member of the correct professional body for the particular job that is being carried out.

All types of conversion - from a basic storage loft to luxury bedroom, office or livingspace

Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofers Dorma Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofers Attic  Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofers dorma

Whatever your requirements search our directory to find the right business to turn your ideas into reality.

Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofer dorma Leeds Roofers, Roofing Contractors Leeds Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofer dormas Weather Shield Roofing Leeds Roofers Dormas

A loft conversion can create usuable space and add value to your property, without the need to extend into the garden or ground level areas.

A well designed loft or dormer conversion can add a sense of luxury and character to a home and saves on the cost and upheaval of moving house.


Attics within many styles of house - the older terraced, single storey bungalow, or modern semi-detached or detached homes are suitable for conversion. and can usually easy accomodate a loft or dorma conversion.