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Roofing Felt Information

Roofing Felt Info:

"Traditional Roofing Felt

Traditional Roofing Felt is composed of a fibre base saturated and then coated with bitumen and surfaced with either sand or a slate finish. Used in a single, two layer or three-layer application, these products are ideal for use as temporary waterproofing or for use on sheds or garden buildings. Traditional Roofing Felts are not recommended for use on habitable buildings, such as domestic extensions.

Polyester Based Roofing Felt

General Purpose Roofing Felts are composed of either polyester or glass fibre bases, saturated and coated with oxidised bitumen. They offer a higher degree of performance, strength and stability compared to fibre based felts. Bonded with cold applied adhesives or hot bonding bitumen, they are predominantly used in two or three layer systems and are ideal for use on garages and domestic extensions, although they can also be used on garden buildings where increased performance is required. The Polyester 180 Sand also makes an ideal nailed preparation layer when using torch-on membranes on a timber deck.

Torch-on Roofing Felt

The roofing felts offered in this range provide for all the basic torch-on needs of the builder's merchant. The range combines polyester or glass fibre based products, saturated and coated with APP modified bitumen. They offer comprehensive options for high performance and economy specifications. Products within the range can be applied as a single remedial layer, over bituminous waterproofing, or form a multi-layer built-up system. Applied by using a gas torch, these products are suitable for use on garages, domestic extensions and industrial/commercial sites.

Coldseal Self-Adhesive Roofing

Coldseal self-adhesive roofing felts are composed of polyester bases, saturated and coated with SBS modified bitumen. The reverse side is treated with a self-adhesive coating and surfaced with a removable release sheet. Applied as a two-layer system (underlay and cap sheet), both layers are bonded by the removal of the release sheet on the back. Coldseal self-adhesive roofing membranes are high performance products, ideally suited for use on domestic garages and extensions. The self-adhesive application, combined with the Quicktrim range of pre-formed edge details available, make them safer and easier to install, providing long lasting, cost effective, guaranteed performance".

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