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West Yorkshire Roofers West Yorkshire Roofers


West Yorkshire Roofers West Yorkshire Roofers

Roofing pictures and descriptions of work carried out around Leeds, Yorkshire and other parts of the UK by Weather Shield Roofing Contractors.

Weather Shield Roofing Contractors Ltd were established long before the internet, web sites digital cameras & e-mails came along in ours eyes at least.

Here's what Weather Shield Roofing Contractors say about themselves...

We have a exstensive list of previous works carried out over the past 24yrs, to which we are working towards implementing a good percentage of the pictures upon this site. At present this page contains only the works recorded by us since we first purchased our digital camera a few years ago to keep a record of our portfolio. There are also some extracts of reviews verbally left by satisfied customers who have given permission to publish them.

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Autumn/Winter 2006: Green Flag Headquarters, Pudsey, Leeds. (3 Phase Project).

West Yorkshire Roofers: Green Flag Headquarters Pudsey Leeds West Yorkshire Roofers: The Start of Phase 2 West Yorkshire Roofers: Phase 2 right wing

West Yorkshire Roofers: Phase 2 closer West Yorkshire Roofers: Some of the Weather Shield Team West Yorkshire Roofers: Finishing off the batons where phase 2 jons phase 3

West Yorkshire Roofers: Phase 1 completed West Yorkshire Roofers: Joining of Phase 1 to Phase 2 West Yorkshire Roofers: Phase 2 Insulation & Breather Membrane


Winter/Spring 2006/07:

Private Development - Linton, Wetherby, Leeds

private development linton leeds private development linton nr wetherby leeds Latting and Felting - Leeds Roofers

latting and felting - Leeds Roofers Velux window installment - Leeds Roofers Roof trusses

latting and felting latting and felting latting and felting

Right wing extruded gable and valley delivery of roofing tiles Fitting the ridge tiles

Ridge Tiles Ridge tiles being put in place Laying ridge tiles

 awaiting valleys to be cut The Finished Roof Leeds roofers

 leeds roofing contractors west yorkshire roofers west yorkshire roofing contractors


Spring/Summer 2007:

New Roof on Semi-detached house and house extension Harrogate

Leeds Roofing New Roof New Main roof and extension harrogate

New Roof on the house and extension Next door Harrogate

New roof to extension harrogate Main Roof HarrogateBoth Roofs

New Roof to main property house in same street as the 2 above Harrogate

Another new roof to a house in the same street

Private Development Harrogate

Complete New Roof. Also including front & rear Dormers, Cheeks and Fronts shingles replacement and Rear Dormers Flat Lead Roof to be replaced with a Mansard Roof.

Stripping the Roof Tiles below dormers Stripping the Roof Tiles below dormers Stripping Roof Tiles below dormers

Existing Rear Dormers above to extend beyond existing hip to proposed new side elevation Gable End.

New Porch to be added to Front Elevation.(front door)

Lathing & Felting below Rear Dormers Lathing and Felting to front elevation. Lathing and Felting around front dormers



Existing Hip roof to side elevation below with temporary lathing & felting.Hip to be removed & turned into a Gable End.

 New Porch to Front Elevation.

New Porch Roof to Join the existing Extruded Gable Roof. Lathed & Felted

 Leeds Roofers - Side Elevation Hip  Leeds Roofers - New Porch to Front Elevation Leeds Roofers - Porch Roof Joining existing extruded gable

New Side Elevation Gable End, replacing the old hipped roof, Extended Rear Dormers and the addition of a velux window into the existing front elevation extruded Gable.

Leeds Roofers - New Side elevation Gable Leeds Roofers - New Gable Side and Rear elevation view Leeds Roofers - New Gable and extended Rear Dormer

Leeds Roofers - Felting of the Mansard Roof

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