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Concrete roofing tile information

Concrete Tile Info:

"Concrete roofing tiles offer elegant, enduring aesthetics for house designs and improved marketability for the builder. They are also very versatile and provide greater protection to the homeowner".

Roofing tiles come in all different styles. They often don't look like tile at all. Texture, hue and shape are no problem with concrete roofing tiles.

Concrete roofing tiles are a way to make your home an artistic expression of your own individual style and to reward yourself with a lifetime of peace of mind".

(Concrete Homes, Roofing Tile,, 2006).

"Concrete is the most common material used in the manufacture of roof tiles in Britain.

Concrete's intrinsic benefits of durability and cost-effectiveness with a programme of sustained investment to produce roof tiles of outstanding quality and appeal.

The result is a wide variety of roof tiles designed to balance the visual and commercial requirements of the volume builder, or to provide an economic alternative to natural materials for the homeowner. Most concrete tiles are manufactured using acrylic polymer coatings to give stronger, longer-lasting colours".

(Sandtoft Roof Tiles, Concrete range,, 2006).