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Roofing slate information

Slate Tile Info:

Often manufactured using either natural clay or recycled slate and come in a range of interlocking and double lap slates that put a whole new perspective on using natural materials.
"Slate, the weather proof stone is the perfect choice for all kinds of roofing applications. For the purpose of roofing, there is a wide choice in colors of slate, which is usually some shade or combination of gray, green, purple, black and red. The suppliers of slate can provide, besides the standard slate sizes, slate in other sizes, especially made to suit diverse specifications. These colors are found in a variety of hues amongst a number of quarries.

Sheet Thickness The thickness of the slate sheet varies according to the purpose for which it's being used. The manufacturers of roofing slates can make them as per the demands of roofers, contractors, suppliers and home owners".
(Stone Land,Slate Roofing,, 2006).